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Thursday, January 19, 2012

BFN or BFP? Let's find out.

I've been on google for two straight days trying to decide if it's odd I got a progesterone shot 14 days ago and still no period.  I've found very few board posts on various websites saying it took even 14 days much less more than that.

The infertile in me says not to waste your money on a HPT because I know I'm not pregnant....but my doctor said if I didn't get my period in 14 days, I needed to test.  Why?  Because I did have sex 5 days before I got the shot and we did use protection but I wasn't on birth control.  But I know I'm not pregnant.  Right?

I've had all the PMS symptoms, breakouts and bad cramping but then usually within a day or two I get my period.  But nothing. 

So I'm going to head to Target then come straight home and take it.  It feels SO WEIRD to even do this.  But I have to admit, it's made my mind wander with all the what ifs.  But I know I'm not pregnant.

****UPDATE**** BFN and I was shocked HPT are 2 for $10.39! Seriously?  Now I get to call my doctor and see what she says.


  1. I was hoping for a surprise bfp! Do you have a Dollar Tree anywhere close? They have $1 hpt's! They saved us a LOT of money during out TTC days

  2. Since we've been ttc for six years now minus my two pregnancies with Luke and Adyn (both ending early in the second trimester), I've learned to find great deals and the ones from the dollar tree are very sensitive even doctor's recommend them because their the same type used in doctor's offices.