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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I get to be a SAHM for a week!

My parents are flying to California tonight for a week long visit with my sister so that means I get to stay home with my boys!!  Don't get me wrong, I love having my career and I'm thankful I can rearrange my schedule for a week to not meet clients during the day, but I also love spending time with my  boys with no obligation of going to work:) 

Father's day is coming up so here are some projects I'm planning on working on with the boys (Click on the Pictures to go directly to the website with directions!).  I'm getting my Dad a dutch oven for camping and I think I'll make him the rootbeer sampler and the clear goody tie boxes with cookie inside.

Super Dad Banner and Card

Rootbeer Sampler

Cookie/candy boxes with Tie (I'll make him his favorite cookies instead of fudge!)

Handprint Frame

Dad Photo Frame (I'm going to try black poster board and cut out the shapes, maybe)

Free Printables (not sure where to use these, but I'll think of something!)

Super Hero Dad Box.  This is awesome and I made it for my Dad as a gift from my kids last year!  It went together quickly and looked so great!!  I'm not making it again this year but wanted to post it in case you needed a great, inexpensive idea!

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  1. Hey can't believe I missed this!
    I hope your SAH week was fabulous... I also love the "DAD" picture!