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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm Eating Cake

I'm officially an emotional eater and I just proved it by inhaling a big slice of German chocolate cake.  Ugghh.

I tried to be aware that I was emotional and not stop by Starbucks on my way home today even though I had tears welled up in my eyes but I made it home calorie free.

But then more emails came and my really happy day went to really bad really fast.

AJ's paternal Grandma who he hasn't seen since March 2010 and that was for an hour but hadn't seen him since May 2009 before that...for an hour....never sent a single birthday or Christmas card.....has come out of no where and decided today that I'm purposely trying to keep her from AJ and that I'm not following ICWA procedures.  She called up her tribe (who mind you is not the tribe that is representing AJ all along, only one tribe can at a time) and  now they are questioning my "cultural plan" for AJ and how I will keep him connected to his biological family. 

The point is, they really can say anything they want, but in the end it will not affect the outcome which is the state is allowing us to adopt him after 26 months in our care.  However, it could delay the final stamp of approval that is supposed to happen next week. OR, it could not delay but the grandmother has decided she wants to call and speak at the hearing.  You know, the hearing that is supposed to be an amazing family experience where the state declares us a forever family and makes AJ my forever son.  I'll be sitting there with friends and families while this lady chews me out in court.  I want to call her choice words right now.  I won't.  But I really want to.  Why would someone purposely ruin what should be such a great day?  And if she acts this way, that totally changes my previous thoughts on keeping in contact with her and driving 2 1/2 hours each way to see her next month.  All I can say to her is where was she the last 2 years?  Why now?  I think she's awful.  And the big piece of chocolate cake won't turn her into a nice person, but it seemed like an okay thing to do about 20 minutes ago:(


  1. Yeah, I had an emotional eating night last night too...I hate when that happens!! (Mine was not cake...instead I opted for a bbq brisket sandwich with french fries, with ranch dressing...) :(
    But today is a new day. Don't carry it over today.
    Hope the grandma backs off and there are no delays in the adoption.

  2. Good comment! Screw the cake. You are certainly dealing with alot of stress. Some people are really low. Sorry to hear you have to deal with all of that.

  3. I think you deserve the chocolate cake after that! What a horrible woman :o(
    It gets me angry, they should be grateful for people like you dong good by these poor young children. Just try to stay positive and focus on the final outcome. x