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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Project Time! Birthday in a Box!

My sister lives in California and has for the past 8 years so I've missed 8 or so birthdays in a row so this year I decided I'd do the next best thing....make her a Birthday in a Box!!  Also, my wedding anniversary is her birthday:(  I know, how selfish of me right?  It just happened the year I was getting married that was the only Saturday available for a reception area so I called my sister and asked if she minded if we got married on her birthday.  Of course she didn't mind but I felt a little bad about it.  My sister LOVES purples.  I first thought of the wooden box after seeing this blog post, and the rest of the items I thought were pretty original.....until I saw another birthday box on Pinterest.com.  Oh well:)  I'm also making her this that I saw on Pinterest.com with maps of all the places that she's lived or are meaningful (such as the city she got married in).  Here's what I included in the box and click on the pictures to see better detail of the items if you'd like:
-White sparkly table topper with purple pom-pom trim
- Confetti felt garland
- Happy Birthday Banner
-Cupcake mix and recipe card
-Frosting recipe card
-Cupcake liners
-Birthday candles
-Paper plates
-And of course a birthday card

Next time I do one of these I'll plan it out a little better so that the presentation
when you open the box is a little more put together:)

I printed out a Vanilla Cupcake recipe and Vanilla Butter Meringue frosting recipe from Annies-Eats.com.
I included the dry ingredients for the cupcakes all measured out.  I'd like to have put them in a mason jar...but my box was too full already.  My other idea was to buy Sprinkles cupcake mix or Barefoot Contessa and included but again, not enough space in the box.

Here are the candles, Wilton Lavender Sugar Sprinkles, Martha Stewart Cupcake liners from Joann's Fabric, and paper plates from Target (in the future I'd like to find small plastic plastics that matched the color theme and Target usually has reasonable prices, but I was short on time).

My mom and I always make our own birthday banners from scrapbook paper and cardboard cut out letters (they come in a box at Michael's, these are white with sparkles)

Not a great picture, but you get the idea, it's a birthday banner:)

Awesome picture right? LOL.  I covered a toilet paper roll in scrapbook paper so I could wrap the garland around it.  This picture is probably not totally necessary but here you have it:)

Here's the felt garland.  I made this for my boys' birthday too and everyone loved it including my sister who insisted I leave it up for an entire week when she was here!   It's sewn together with clear thread on the sewing machine, super easy.  And the felt only cost about $3!  You can go here to the Purl Bee's website for DIY instructions.  Also, it's great because my sister can cut the lengths to whatever she wants and it won't come undone or fall apart:)
When I wrapped the garland it kind of looked like a flower, I thought that was kind of cool:)
Another pictures of the garland wrapped around the toilet paper roll:)
Terrible picture and lighting but here is the table cloth.  I bought sparkly white material and then purple pom-pom trim and sewed it on!  I might not do this again.  The trim was expensive....I'd probably make a table runner or just not include this item but hopefully she enjoys it:)

Here's the box!  It's a wooden box from Joann Fabrics but I also purchased a wood box from Michael's that wasn't as deep inside and it had a lid that comes all the way off.  I glued the card to the inside lid and then as you can see in the first picture of this post I wrapped it with wide ribbon and I super glued one of the cardboard white sparkly letters, C, onto the ribbon.


  1. Great idea Brandi!!! I think I'll do something like it for my mom's next birthday. I know she'd love it it :) I always love the links to blogs, DIY sites that you post. Such fun cool crafts, etc.

    Also, been keeping my fingers and toes crossed for the upcoming hearing. Sorry you've been having to deal with thes tuff going on related to it. <3 Jaime, aka Tangeygirl

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  3. Hey you are so creative, I love this idea. BTW did you take the picture of the boys in party hats? I would love to edit it for you if there is still time just let me know xx

  4. Shel, I can't figure out where to email or send the picture to? My email is pcosmom29@gmail.com if you want to send me a message or post a reply on here!

  5. You can email it over to shel_ho@yahoo.com