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Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekly Weight Watchers Weigh In: Gained, errrr!

I gained a 1 lb.  It's terrible.  I've had company at my house since last Wednesday and I find it incredibly difficult to stay on plan.  There has been lots of eating out, lots of worrying about what to feed them, and little sleep and add in the most stressful week of my life, I guess it could be worse than just that 1 lb.  I really need to get to the gym even with company here but I'm a people pleaser and it feels rude to me (I know, that's ridiculous, but it's hard to change my thinking!).

Anyone have a favorite healthy family meal they make?  I love to cook, i'm willing to try out some new things!


  1. .25lbs chicken breats boneless and skinless. 2 oranges red pepper flakes to taste, 1 tablespoon honey salt and pepper, brown rice, lime juice, parsley.
    Take chicken and cube put in pan with 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil cook. add juice and slices from orange,1 tablesppon lime juice and honey, cook on low for 5 mins add red pepper flakes(optional) simmer. In seperate pan put rice water and 3 tablespoons lime juice cook until tender. add parsley and fluff. There is sauce around the chicken you can place this over the rice and have a spicy orange chicken that is only like 8 points(i think) and i normally add roasted broccoli on the side. It is my husbands favorite dish because it is healthy chinese food.

  2. Forgot to say that makes 2 servings.

  3. this sounds so good!!! I'll get some oranges and try it out and let you know!