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Monday, June 13, 2011

June Favorites

I love reading people's favorite lists on their blogs so I decide maybe I'd start doing this on a monthly basis!  If you have a favorites list or something you want to share, comment below!

1.  Pinterest.com

It's addictive!!  I love the Food and Drink, Kids, and Home and Furniture sections the best!

2.  J.R. Watkins All Purpose Lemon Spray

I bought Method brand all purpose spray and it was Lemon Verbena, OMG, the stuff smelled like Oregano.  It made me nauseous so I tossed it out and was at Target and picked this up for $3.99.
 3. Essie nail polish
I will blame Katie at Cleared For Takeoff for this new little obsession.  I thought Essie was some cheap knockoff nail polish but I decided to give it a try and I LOVE the colors and how smooth they go on!  I already own 3 but I don't get manicures so I'm willing to spend $8 on a bottle.  I bought mine at Walgreens and Target.

4.  Target Plastic Salad Set
Now that it's summer, I like to be able to take a salad (fruit, green, pasta, etc.) to picnics, potlucks, my parents house, even camping (that's when I first used it this weekend) and this only set me back $4.99 at Target!  I always used to lug one of my serving spoons and hope it made it back with the bowl, but this is super handy because they snap right on to the lid!

5. Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on ABC
Have you been watching too??  I was the kid that almost always ate hot lunch.  My mom did not make me breakfast (most mornings I ate 1/2 of a Costco Chocolate Chocolate Chip muffing, OMG!) and did not pack my lunch, and I still love her, but I hope to pack my kids lunch when they go to school.  But this show is really eye opening into what is in a lot of school lunches.  There needs to be a big change to what is served to our kids at school.

6. Seventh House On The Left
I love Ashley Brown's blog about transforming her Virginia ranch home little by little into her own space.  I copied her guest bedroom linens in my guest bedroom (just need to but a couple more pillows) because I'm not creative, I just like to copy other people's style honestly:)  Our living room is set up very similar to this and I just love her taste!  I found her through Pinterest.com.  Check her out at http://7thhouseontheleft.com/tour/.

7.  iTot Cards Iphone App

My kids are both nuts for this app!  It's just flash cards broken into categories like food, animals, shapes, letters, numbers and so on and it speaks the word and for animals it also makes the sound of the animal.  It's great when we are at a restaurant but they say, "Apple!  Apple!" all the time meaning they want to look at the flashcards.  Dylan has a huge vocabulary and I think this has been a big part of it:)

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