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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Made the Appt. at the Laser center!

I did it, I chickened out multiple times in the last few days so I hurried and typed the numbers as fast as I could on my Iphone and hit the call button and made the consultation appointment for this Thursday!  Ahh, I'm nervous but I don't know why, I think embarrassed is more accurate than nervous.  Because I work so hard at either wearing long sleeves or bleaching my arm hair so others don't notice but NOW I'm going to let some look up close at all that hair, YIKES!  I'm 99% I'll go ahead and make an appointment while I'm there to start the laser hair removal and if I do, I will make some YT videos so you can see the before and after and hear how the process went. 

I told the receptionist I was interested in hair removal on my arms but the truth is, I'd love to have it done on my chin and for sure my upper lip.  One day, if I'm really brave and save up the money, I'd love to do a full leg laser hair removal.  Have you ever had your legs waxes?!  OMG, I did and when they waxed the back of my thighs, I thought I was going to die of such intense pain!!  And it lasted all of 2 days before I had stubble and cost over $100 so this since way more cost effective in the long term.  I'll update you all on Thursday!


  1. Go for it! You have nothing to be embarrassed about - picture your problem, but with black hair. I'm not crazy hairy, but black hair really shows up, so I wax my arms and it lasts for about a month. It doesn't hurt as much as waxing legs, but it's still waxing.You may want to try it once before you do the laser treatments.

    I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that you are blogging/YouTubing again. You were the very first person that I stumbled upon when I started out on my infertility journey. I was at a point where absolutely no one except my husband new what was happening and your experience helped SO much. As I've said to other people, watching your videos and other YT videos was like a support group - knowing and hearing about someone else who was going through something similar. Unfortunately, we are still on this crazy infertility roller coaster, but I'm hoping and praying that the ride stops soon!

  2. YT definitely was a great support group! I mean, besides having a major illness, being a woman and not being able to get pregnant easily or at all definitely bonded many of us together:)