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Thursday, January 20, 2011

My undies won't stay up!

It's time to go underwear shopping my friends!  I just can't take it, my underwear does not want to stay up!  I wore a lot of my underwear during my pregnancy and I never really thought that I was probably stretching the heck out of them and know the elastic is so weak they are always sliding down my cheeks and hips!

Can I just ask the women out there whether or not you tried maternity underwear when you were pregnant and what brands you loved?  I got a pack from Motherhood Maternity and they were horrendous!  They folded over on top so that towards the end I could unfold the top, they didn't even cover my cheeks though:(  They looked like a thin cotton diaper!

3 Pack Maternity Fold Over Panties http://www.motherhood.com/
When I was pregnant, I'd be walking around the store and my underwear would fall all the way under my cheeks and in the front too!  They'd make like a straight line at the top of my thighs, so embarrassing!

And nursing bras....I really want some suggestions thrown out here in the comments section because let me tell you, the ones I got at Motherhood were awful or very unsupportive.  The ones with the clips where I could unclip one side at a time made my boobs like I was into bondage with tight straps stretched across them and small holes for me to nurse out of. 

Sports Clip Down Nursing Brahttp://www.motherhood.com/
I'm now a 38DD so I was a little bigger then and wearing the bras that look like soft cotton sports bras were fine around the house but not out in public.  So please ladies, let us all know your tried and true proper undergarments for maternity and for nursing please!  I know, such a random post, but I'm curious!


  1. As for panties, I loved the Old Navy over-the-belly cotton panties. (Confession: I still rocked them for about 3 weeks after she was born and I was sad to see them go because they were sooo comfy!) I hated anything under the belly or mid-belly, so the over-belly ones were perfect for me.

    Non-pgcy, I absolutely love VS briefs. They have eliminated a lot of them and now only carry the ones with the lace at the top but they're really comfy. I'm not a small girl, so I hate the hip hugger ones and bikinis always make me feel like my belly is puffier than it really is because of where they hit. So the briefs are perfect, just high enough but not like a hi-leg brief.

    As for bras, OMG it is horrendous! I just did a post about this. I'm a 38DD non-nursing, so you can imagine the massive issues that I have now! If you're willing to go up at all, the only bra that I've found to be supportive for me is in the plus section at Motherhood. I found that I was happy to go up in bandsize to have something actually LIFT and fit in the cup. They're really ugly but I don't care at this point. I ordered a ton from figleaves but had zero luck once they arrived. I also have 2 from Target that are surprisingly okay, but they're only DD and too small for me now.

    Aaah, I get hives just thinking about the bra issue!!

  2. I totally forgot about Old Navy when I was pregnant! I'm checking out VS right now, I've got to get something!

    I just looked like I had a uni-boob that was somewhat lopsided because of the lack of support! I think I saw Carla the Bubblelush mentioned Bravado (sounds something like that), I'll have to ask her more about that too! Maybe I missed the plus size bras at Motherhood too!

  3. I have heard really great things about Bravado bras. I am going to check them out now that I am pregnant with #2...I feel I was so misinformed with #1.