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Monday, January 10, 2011

My Goofy Baby Boy!

Remember how I said I really wanted to blog because with two little ones running around, it was almost impossible to record a video, edit it, and wait for it to upload.....well apparently blogging is difficult too because Dylan can not understand why I would want to be on the computer instead of playing with him.  So he took it upon himself to climb up the ottoman I was using, and bit my laptop screen:(  Needless to say, I closed the computer and went and played with him before I had a laptop snap in two pieces!

And here's my super happy little guy after he woke up from a nap!  I was laughing at him because he was so excited to be awake but he had major bed head that I could not get smoothed down.  And also, where did my baby go??  He's getting so big!

But don't think having a 1 year old doesn't come without some hair pulling moments.  Here's how Dylan reacts EVERY SINGLE TIME I sit down to drink my cup of coffee!  He throws the biggest tantrum and wants a drink!  I finally gave in one time thinking he'd be over it as soon as he knew what was in there.  Nope, he spit it right out on his shirt and then cried for more but I didn't give in. 


  1. He's so cute ! and hey I have that cup! lol.

  2. What A beautiful little boy :)

  3. Hahaha so funny. they do have their little quirks don't they. He looks like you on the second picture :)