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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weight Watchers Weigh In!

I lost .8lbs this week!  yahoo!  I did not exercise and that was not a good idea so I'm hoping this week to take 3 boot camp classes but I'm honestly a little lazy these last few weeks in that aspect.  I'm also trying to limit my splurge day to one meal.  We had family in town last weekend and I ate way too much:(  I even confess I ate a pint of Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Ice cream in 2 nights, boo!  What I do well is I cut up my weeks veggies and make my ranch dip with light sour cream and Hidden Valley Ranch Dip mix on Sunday for the entire week, I've been bringing my lunch, and I don't snack at night.  Here's my 3 goals for this week:
1) Drink at least 8 cups of water a day.
2) Workout at least 5 times this week for at least 30 minutes each time.
3) Track everything I eat including my splurge meal.

I really want to hit my 5% goal which is 10 lbs so I have 2.4lbs to go!  I was 192.6 when i got pregnant, morning sickness got me down to 183 and when Dylan was born, I was back to 192 when he was 1 week old.  Then somehow, 8 more pounds snuck up on me.  My goal for this year is 145lbs and then to get pregnant.  I've never lost more than 30 pounds in one year and I gained it back in a matter of a few months so I'm hoping this time the weight is lost and stays lost!  Have you all seen Esther, faintstarlite on YT, in the new Weight Watchers ad?!  She looks awesome and is a really great inspiration:)


  1. That is great! You were the first person I found on utube that talked about infertility and pcos. I have pcos and have been trying for the past 3years to concieve. So I'm taking a break and trying to loose weight. I have lost 8.6# since the beginning of Jan. and 18inches. I feel great. I try to keep my cheat/free day to one meal also, but this weekend has been a different story. I hope to stay on track all week so I don't regret this past weekend! Good luck to you this week! Much Love, Tashia

  2. That's Great!!! I really need to make some changes myself, it's just been so hard to get motivated.

  3. Thanks Monique!

    Tashia, I know, my cheat meal turns into a day which turns into a weekend VERY quickly so I'm trying to be more mindful of that. Your weight loss is awesome though!

    Sara, I still have a hard time figuring out my motiviation and whether is okay to be motivated for like a short term goal (ie. someone's wedding, a reunion, vacation) or if I can really convince my self it's so I can be healthy and alive for my kids. Even when I wanted to lose 30 pounds because I really thought that would help me get pregnant, even that was not motivating enough for some reason! Darn it!

  4. fantastic job Brandi! are you on Metformin? If not I bet you are SUPER proud of yourself! that is totally a lot to lose for us PCOS people! How wonderful! Oh, and you inspired me to copy you- I'm getting a weight tracker as well- I have got to be held accountable! I did the Daniel fast for the first two weeks of Jan. but the last two weeks, I just totally lost it. The last 15 days have been the longest- and I wish now I wouldnt have stopped fasting :( Im starting back tomorrow- 15 days is not going to stop me! But yes, 145 is my goal too! and I really want to get there!

  5. I'm not on Metformin (which I honestly think would be helpful but I really didn't like taking it so as long as I keep losing, I guess I'll hold off?) but you are right that when you have PCOS it can be super difficult! I saw an episode of I Used To Be Fat and the girl lost twice as slowly as the other episodes I've seen and I kind of wondered if she had PCOS. Good luck on your fast, you can totally do it! I dream of 145, like seeing the number on the scale, and one day it will be a reality!

  6. OH, I love the show, "I used to be fat." I told my hubby that we were going to do the whole count-down thing! I have been sick for a week now, so I havent had the energy to plan and diet- but when I get well, it is off to the gym, the grocery store and OFF the couch! :) I am so inspired by the people on that show! LOVE it!