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Friday, January 28, 2011

Poll Question! Please Vote!

There is a poll on the right hand side of my page.....I'd love for you all to "vote" and obviously this poll is geared to those that have experienced some form of infertility. The answers are limited so if nothing really applies to you, feel free to add a comment below!  Thank you for sharing!


  1. I got pregnant after 9 months of Metformin only and so I consider myself one of the lucky ones!

  2. Of couse Shel, we are lucky to have our sweet babies:) Amazing what that Metformin can do for some of us! I'm guessing that will be our first step next time also, getting it in my system and trying for a couple months with just that.

  3. We got pregnant the first time after 4 months on Glumetza (Met) with a low amylose diet. This was the treatment from a new RE after our first RE had us do several rounds of Clomid, several of Femara, 2 HSGs, a Hysteroscopy & Lap surgery, a couple rounds of injectables, and 5 IUIs. The next step, or so we thought, was IVF, so we found the #1 IVF doc in the state and he asked us to try the Met for a couple months before shelling out the $ for IVF. Needless to say, we were pregnant 4 months later. Unfortunately, we lost our first little girl, who would have had Down syndrome. But we went back on the Glumetza and were pregnant the very first month we were able to try again after the miscarriage. After a 3 1/2 year struggle, it's amazing to finally have our little miracle at home, in our arms and happy as can be!

    I agree. I wish more doctors would try the simple use of Met for PCOS patients. It is sad that so many people could be saved a lot of heartache (and money!) if they'd just give this regimen a shot, but it's hard to even know about it and we put so much trust into our doctors opinions.

    Okay, off the soapbox! I just wish more women knew about this option.

  4. Christina, that is amazing you were almost to IVF then got pregnant on Met and a diet! I think the poll does show that just using clomid alone may not be enough for most PCOS patients. Even my first OB had me taking such a low does of Met with clomid that my next doctor said it probably wouldn't have helped at all. Sorry to hear about your loss but so glad you were able to conceive again! I'll google amylose because I've never heard of that!

  5. Thank you!

    If you want more info on the diet, I'll include some links from my blog. I could never find much via google, but I did blog the "rules" for everyone on my blog. I'm also happy to answer any questions you might have. I'm a new reader, but if I remember right, you're wanting to lose weight before TTC again. This diet *will* help you lose weight. I lost 11lbs in the first month. It's only natural when you cut out sugar and carbs, but I saw an amazing difference in my body and energy levels...and I ovulated on my own in just 1 month on the diet after 2 1/2 years of never doing so without a trigger shot.

    Anyway, wishing you lots of luck! I'll be rooting you on!!




  6. Oh funny, I had just saved all those pages to my internet explorer so I could do a post linking up to some of those pages:) It totally makes sense! Also, I might have missed this in your blog but once you got pregnant, did you eat the same way or incorporate some of the restricted foods back in?

  7. Once I was pregnant, I basically just watched what I was taking in...tried to eat lots of protein and anything that I felt was good for the baby. I didn't restrict myself from anything. And I definitely ate more hot tamales in my first trimester than I'd care to admit!

    Also, my RE had me stay on the Glumetza through the first tri, or maybe first 10 weeks.